Spokane Psychiatrist Amy Burns, MD


What should I do before calling Dr. Burns?

Amy Burns, MD Making sure you can afford treatment is your responsibility before scheduling. You’re financially responsible for what your insurance doesn’t cover, so you’ll want to make sure Dr. Burns takes your insurance. Dr. Burns is currently contracted with Premera, Asuris, First Choice and InterWest. Because of the complicated relationships between insurance companies, you’ll want to speak with your insurance carrier to confirm she is an in-network-provider and how much you would be expected to pay. Ask about your behavioral health benefits including:

What can I expect from the first call to Dr. Burns?

Dr. Burns speaks with all patients by telephone prior to scheduling. She will ask about your insurance, what kind of help you are looking for and your current medication list, so please have these things available. It is important that you get the kind of care that you need, so if Dr. Burns can’t help, you’ll be referred to where you can be best served.

What to expect at your first appointment?

Initial visits are scheduled for one hour and thirty minutes. Please plan to arrive twenty minutes early to find parking and complete paperwork. Be prepared to pay for parking in downtown Spokane. There are ample spaces available on the street for about $2 an hour or pay lots for $3-4. To protect your privacy, there is no reception staff, so you’ll need to wait in the waiting room for Dr. Burns to greet you at your scheduled appointment time. Some paperwork will be on the desk for you to complete while you’re waiting. If you’re unable to complete the papers prior to our appointment, we may need to use your appointment time to finish the work together. Dr. Burns will ask for a list of your current medications and for a copy of your insurance card, so please have those items with you. Toward the end of your first appointment, you will discuss treatment plans together and decide on the best course of treatment for you. This may include continuing in Dr. Burns’ care or a referral to a more appropriate provider. Subsequent appointments may last anywhere from 15-50 minutes depending on the situation. Frequency of visits could vary from weekly to quarterly.