Spokane Psychiatrist Amy Burns, MD

Insurance and Fees


You’re financially responsible for fees your insurance doesn’t cover, so it’s a good idea to know the specifics of your coverage. You can find these by calling the benefits number on the back of your insurance card. You are encouraged to do this before starting treatment with Dr. Burns so a bill doesn’t surprise you. You’ll want to ask about your deductible, co-pays, referral requirements, and number of visits allowed. Clarify that you are asking about your behavioral health benefits and that Dr. Burns is in fact an in-network provider on your plan.

Dr. Burns is a preferred provider for the following insurance plans:

Premera (Blue Cross and Blue Shield) Asuris First Choice InterWest

We will bill these companies directly for you. After receiving their portion of the payment, Dr. Burns will mail you a bill for any outstanding co-pays, or deductible that your insurance didn’t pay.

Out of Network

If you don’t see your insurance plan listed above, you can still see Dr. Burns, although we will not bill your insurance for you. This means you will be billed the private pay rates. After you pay Dr. Burns, you can submit a visit statement and receipt to your insurance company for partial reimbursement. You’ll need to contact your insurance company (number on the back of your card) to find out details before scheduling.

Medicare and Tricare

Dr. Burns has “opted out” of Medicare and Tricare. This means she or her patients cannot bill Medicare or Tricare for her services. Dr. Burns is willing to see these patients, but it has to be entirely private pay. You will not be reimbursed any money from Medicare or Tricare.

Private pay rates